Changing the Way Content Gets Made

How It Works

Taking a cue from the highly successful world of technology incubation, we’re offering creators a clear path to the funding and support they need to fulfill their vision.


1. Apply

We collect submissions and hand-select a group of finalists who will be given an opportunity to present their ideas in person before final selections are made.

Get Investment

2. Get Investment

All selected creators will be offered one standard, easy to understand investment deal (details to come). We make the process simple and transparent to keep everyone’s focus on storytelling, not paperwork.


3. Create

During the program, you’ll work with other creators, industry veterans and mentors to develop a proof of concept video for your idea and polish your pitch to perfection.


4. Pitch

At the end of the program, you’ll deliver your pitch and demo to executives and development partners from major platforms that are seeking to invest in the exact type of work you’re creating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about the incubator program:

When and where will the program be held?

We’re still in the planning phases for the first batch. We plan to eventually run programs in both Los Angeles, CA and Louisville, KY and will share details on the location of the first program as soon as possible.

Is this just another contest?

No. This is not a contest, and we are not picking “winners.” Instead we are selecting promising creators and partnering with them to bring their ideas to life through funding, support and collaboration.

What kinds of content will Small Batch create?

We’re focused on finding the best creators and simplifying the process of bringing their ideas to life. The output may take different forms, such as web series, TV shows, films, or experiential content.

What are the exact numbers around the amount of investment offered, the equity percentage expected in exchange, and the number of creators that will be selected?

We know this information is important and we’ll be sharing details on it as soon as possible. What we can say is that our mission is to treat creators fairly and create great work — we believe our deal will accomplish both of those goals.

Why Small Batch?

Originally coined by whiskey makers, the term “small batch” refers to the process of hand selecting specific barrels to create a high-end, premium product with a distinctive taste profile.

We take the same curation oriented approach to selecting and nurturing top-notch content creators for our program.

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